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Practically indestructible step stool in Walnut.

As a picture is worth a thousand words please click on any of the pictures below for fullsize view.

This original design step is quite beefy, built to withstand a lifetime of being walked on and stepped over, and even sat upon in a pinch. Built of solid walnut and small wedges of cocobolo, there are no metal fasteners used in its construction, only the force from the wedged tenons that are holding it together. It is finished with half a dozen coats of Tried and True Danish oil; this is a linseed oil finish with no toxic driers or other nasty chemicals. The top step is 20” from the floor, 12” deep and 24” wide and the middle step is 10”from the floor 11” deep and 19.5”wide both era 1.5” thick. Included with purchase is a hand carved grip on the bottom of the top step that allows a fairly well balanced point to carry the step. This piece can be ordered in other woods i.e. Maple, Cherry, Mahogany or even, if you must, oak.


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