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Hand Crafted Furniture

A well designed, finely crafted piece of furniture is as much art as it is a flat place to hold your cocktail. It should be a considered choice, made to last many lifetimes, it is a treasure that can be in your family for generations.

We design and construct custom heirloom quality furniture, we collaborate with our clients to build them exactly what they desire.

Looking through our portfolio you will see many styles reflective of our clients’ individual preferences.

If, after consulting with us, we do not build what you are specifically looking for we can recommend the furniture society as a source for other studio furniture makers. The point is you do not have to live with or work around furniture that does not make you smile.

Commission Process

Commissioning a piece of custom furniture can be a creative collaboration between you and our design team.  This assures a unique piece of furniture that is specific to your personal style and purpose.The commissioning of your furniture will go through several steps – an initial discussion of your needs and style preferences, preliminary drawings and design review, final drawings and renderings of your design and construction. 

Designing your furniture

Our initial discussion will explore

  • Your functional expectations from the furniture
  • Your style and wood preferences
  • Time requirements
  • Cost considerations
If you choose to proceed, a minimum non refundable design fee of $250 will be charged. The design fee can be more if you have a large project (for example a suite of office furniture).  This fee includes
  • Local site visit, measurements and site evaluation (does your furniture need to be suitable for elevator transport and other considerations).
  • Creating detailed drawings and renderings (click here for example).
  • Final pricing, material samples and hardware details 

Once the design is complete and samples have been prepared, a time will be scheduled to review the design package. At this time we can discuss any changes or adjustments. Any changes are put into final drawings and our contract is submitted for your approval.  Estimated initiation time for an approved project can vary from several weeks to several months.  The quoted initiation time is only applicable for the date of the final contract, as our schedule changes whenever commissions are accepted. The pricing quoted on the final contract is only applicable for 30 days.
Payment can be made by check or money order.


We require a contract of all of the commissions we accept. Your contract will be specific to the piece of furniture you commission, the wood to be used, the referenced drawings, hardware details and other important details.

Projects require a down payment of 50% of the total project price. If a design fee was paid, it is deducted from this figure. Once the contract has been signed and the deposit made, your project will be scheduled into our studio’s current work schedule.  We will let you know the approximate timeline prior to signing your contract, we want you to make an informed decision.

Building your furniture

We will estimate the completion date of your furniture as closely as possible, however the quality and correctness of all of the details of your new furniture is of greater importance to us than strict adherence to a delivery date.  We want to ensure that your unique piece of furniture is exactly what you ordered.  
A complex piece of furniture can take several months to create, smaller projects generally take several weeks. There are no assembly lines for hand crafted furniture parts, each piece is hand selected for the best appearance, individually cut, planed, jointed, dovetailed, sanded and finished. This is the essence of handcrafted, custom designed furniture.

Other charges

Applicable sales taxes are not included in the commission proposal and will be invoiced at the time of delivery.

Shipping costs can only be roughly estimated at the beginning of your project based on the overall dimensions of your furniture.  The shipping weight and packing necessary to ensure damage free delivery will change that estimate, once the exact delivery cost is known it will be added and payable at the time of final invoicing.

Most delivery in the Las Vegas, Nevada area is at no additional cost.

Once you have signed our contract and wish to change the furniture you ordered new drawings may be billed at $65 per hour. 

Changes after the initiation of construction will result in additional fees based upon the required changes in labor and materials.

The costs

The cost of custom crafted furniture surprises many who have never commissioned projects before.

  The cost of the mass produced products found in common retail outlets is considerably different.  Your unique custom furniture gives you qualities you cannot obtain from furniture assembled on a line or by a machine. We have observed some general base prices in our furniture. Your unique piece of furniture will be priced based on its design.

  • Dining Tables 
  • Chairs  
  • End Tables            
  • Coffee Tables        
  • Bookcases              
  • Beds                       
  • Buffets
  • Desks               

- $7,000
- $1,600
- $1,200
- $1,500
- $1,900
- $6,500
- $9,000
- $2,400